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The Development Direction Of Slitting Machine Manufacturers

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The Development Direction Of Slitting Machine Manufacturers

The development direction of domestic slitting machine is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

1. Frame structure: Whether it is one-time slitting or two- or three-time slitting, domestic slitting machine manufacturers should devote energy to study the frame structure, and design a more reasonable slitting machine from the perspective of slitting machine manufacturers. The plagiarism phenomenon of the produced slitting machine, research and design a personalized slitting machine, so that the structure of different materials is more detailed, in the next round of international market competition, to provide film-making enterprises with favorable weapons, and at the same time Also find a blue ocean for your own business.

2. Automation control part: At present, the automation level of domestic slitting machines is still at the middle and lower level. Although the use of domestic control components has become very popular and the price is relatively low, domestic slitting machine manufacturers are far in the depth of use. It lags behind the level of foreign developed countries, especially in the control system, the structure of the slitting machine, and the lack of organic combination with the materials to be cut. On this level, the vast majority of domestic slitting machines still stay on the thick lines. , has not yet deeply understood the rigor and rationality of the slitting machine control system. Domestic slitting machine manufacturers should start from the above directions, and find a way that is in line with the slitting machine control and slitting principle, and can maximize the use of the functions provided by the hardware.

3. Manufacturing: This is a common problem faced by China's manufacturing industry. In addition to being reasonable in design, any mechanical equipment also requires precision in manufacturing, and China's manufacturing industry is lacking in this regard. In addition, the manufacturing process is also A weak link, in addition to some general-purpose machine tools, the equipment for manufacturing slitting also needs to have some special equipment for manufacturing slitting machines, such as dynamic balancing machines, water cutting machines, etc. Because the manufacturing precision of slitting machines is high, so , Some equipment needs to use CNC machine tools to process parts, especially it is necessary to popularize the use of machining centers, so that the machining accuracy of the equipment manufactured by the slitting machine can be fundamentally guaranteed.

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