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  • How can automatic slitting machines improve production efficiency?

    By applying automation technologies such as automatic knife setting, automatic laser light for core positioning, automatic film cutting, and automatic change rolls, automatic slitting machines can significantly improve production efficiency.
  • How does the automatic slitting machine achieve semi-automatic loading/unloading?

    The automatic slitting machine achieves semi-automatic loading through cranes, pneumatic cylinders, or shaftless unwinding, and semi-automatic unloading through unloading racks or shaftless rewinding.
  • How does the automatic webguide control of automatic slitting machines work?

    The automatic webguide control detects the material position through sensors (ultrasonic sensor or CCD sensor). When the position shifts, the webguide controller sends instructions to the actuator to automatically adjust the material position. It can also track the printing marks.
  • What are the advantages of automatic tension control in automatic slitting machines?

    Automatic tension control can ensure constant tension during material slitting, rewinding, improving product quality and production efficiency.
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